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may 8 - 19 | part-time

OutSystems Security Specialist Bootcamp

The OutSystems Security Specialist Bootcamp is a 2 week, part-time, remote instructor-led course that covers critical fields of security experts such as security fundamentals, authentication, authorization, access control, secure connections, handling sensitive data, OWASP vulnerabilities, OutSystems built-in protections and security best practices required to build secure OutSystems applications and get certified as an OutSystems Security Specialist.

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This bootcamp will prepare you for the OutSystems Security Specialist certification. We will provide you with a certification voucher for the exam.

From Anywhere

From anywhere

This bootcamp will be provided remotely from Monday to Friday, CET 5 pm to 9 pm, during 2 weeks. All you need is your pc and a stable internet connection.

Meet PP


Pedro "PP" Correia, CyberSheriff & CyberSecurity Instructor @ CodeForAll will be your certified trainer for the duration of the bootcamp.

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Feedback from past OS Security Specialist Bootcamps

This bootcamp was a really great journey to the Security world, I enjoyed every minute. The content was really great with real examples of security problems that we lived and we have also OutSystems exercises.

The instructor loves what he does, is a great communicator, and brings great energy to the group. I had luck with the class because it was a great class also.

Because OutSystems is a great tool we developers miss some Security topics, this is a great opportunity for us to learn or understand a little more about this security world.
Maybe is also a way for people to get in love with this specific IT area that needs so much of great people/professionals' help.

For me, the goal was to get involved, have more sensibility, and do the OutSystems certification, how about you?

Nuno Oliveira

OutSystems Expert Developer

Do you know what Threat Actor, Zero-Day Exploit, or OWASP mean? If you answered "no", then you must join the OutSystems Security Bootcamp taught by CyberSecurity Chief and Rockstar, PP!

For 5 days, Pedro Correia a.k.a. the CyberSheriff, as well as his Padawans Dias and Milton, will immerse you into the amazing world of Cybersecurity.

For us, developers, it's crucial to be aware of cybersecurity issues and this bootcamp has it all - it's not just one of those courses where the instructor does nothing but read from the slides, on the contrary!
It's interactive, students learn by doing and PP has a lot of knowledge he gladly shares with his students, making them want to learn more every day.

So, once again, thank you PP!

Sofia Ikbal

OutSystems Developer


OutSystems Security Specialist

may 8-19 part-time: cet 5pm-9pm

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Besides delivering multiple projects for global customers, over the last 5 years, our 8 trainers delivered 159 OutSystems official Bootcamp to 2390 software developers worldwide.

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