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Start learning rapid application development combining JavaScript and Outsystems, the most used web development language, and the biggest low-code platform in the market. All of this fully REMOTE!

Become a stronger web developer with our experienced team. They know what they preach, and they sure know how to teach!

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const startLearning_JS_OS = {
startDate06 Jul 2020,
endDate11 Sep 2020,
duration400 hours,
schedule10 am - 18 pm,

Certified Training Partner

<Code For All_> (aka <Academia de Código_>) is one of the few OutSystems Certified Training Partners. Known for turning newbies into low-code experts with more than 240 students trained so far and average score exams of 83%.

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JavaScript & Outsystems

In recent years low-code went from being a trend to be an established part of web development. The fast pace we live in led to the necessity of being able to rapidly deploy full functional platforms to answer the market demands. Outsystems has positioned themselves as the market leader in this field, becoming the go-to platform for enterprises that need flexibility, fast development and a reliable product.

In order to make the most of Outsystems development platform, we think you should have a good grasp of what's happening under the hood! We'll start from the very fundamentals of programming and logical thinking with JavaScript, moving on to the building blocks of web applications. You'll understand how HTML and CSS can be used to make your application as beautiful as yourself and how web servers are able to deliver that great looking app to every device with a browser. But looks aren't everything -- it will probably need some information. Using SQL, you'll learn how applications store and query data from a database.

This knowledge will easen your entrance into an Outsystems course which will guide you through rapid web development in a low-code environment!


Introduction to Programming with JavaScript40 hours
Frontend Web Technologies80 hours
Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript40 hours
Networking and Web Protocols40 hours
Relational Databases and Data Modeling80 hours
Outsystems Crashcourse120 hours
FAQ Yourself

#ThisIsHowWeEnroll 101

To whom is this course for?
This course is targeted at people who want to become a Web Developer using the Outsystems platform. You don't need any prior programming experience, although some knowledge will come in handy.
What are the requirements to do it?
The mandatory requirements are good energy, mad drive && an ever-present smile! Of course, sharp fingertips will also come in hand… And, given that this is a REMOTE course, an Internet connection able to handle a Zoom meeting without freezing the screen every 5 min is an absolute must-have!
How long is it?
The course will have 400 hours spread out for 10 weeks. You will have classes every weekday from 10 am - 18 pm (GMT+1). You should save some extra time apart for this so you can practice and dig deeper into the world of JavaScript and Outsystems.
What is the class schedule like?
'Officially' from 10 am - 18 pm (GMT+1) every weekday, although some times we may stay a little bit longer to clarify some doubts or (like most of the time) because the conversation is just too good.
Is it remote?
Hell yeah, it is! You can be wherever you want, as long as you make sure you have a good Internet connection! Although we will be doing at GMT+1 timezone, so it's recommendable that you are in a timezone that fits well that schedule.
How is the selection made?
The selection will be done by the order we receive the payments. We will check all applications by order of submission, and if all the information is correct, we will contact you to process the payment. Once the payment is received, your seat will be automatically saved. The best way to guarantee your place is to apply right now!
How much does it cost?
The course costs 5000€. This is 1st edition special price BTW!
How can I apply?
Easy peasy keyboard squeezy! Just click on the <Apply Now> link and follow our instructions to the letter. But beware that the seats are limited and the sooner you apply the more chances you have to grab one for yourself! #ChopChop
If I have any questions, how can I reach you?
You can contact us through the message box that can be found in the last screen of the application form. There you can leave us your phone number, so we can be faster in replying to any questions you might have!


It’s a freaking no brainer! If what you want is to start on your path to become an Outsystems Developer, you came to the right place. We have everything you need to help you find your way into the realms of the hottest low-code tool in the market!

Need we say more?! Just buckle up && start your journey A$AP

// If you are still not convinced, drop us a word && we'll gladly call you back. The only thing we love more than code is people. Trust us! #JoinTheLowCodeHigh